Zespół Szkół Ekonomicznych w Raciborzu  is technical secondary school that has been existing for over 70 years. Our students are educated in the fields of economics, advertising, logistics, trade and forwarding. The school curriculum includes vocational apprenticeship which enables the students to acquire some practical knowledge and skills. Our graduates are currently employed in various administrative institutions as well as local businesses.

Not only can they receive a degree but they also have a possibility to take final exams and continue their education at universities.

Being at school means also a chance to participate in various social and school events which makes our students develop themselves and their own hobbies.

Moreover, our school activates the students to take part in numerous projects (also abroad) that facilitate them to gain additional abilities. We cooperate with universities, international companies and local businesses to show our students how essential it is to be open to the world and use every chance life gives.